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How We Met

We met on the worship team at ABF about six years ago. However, it took a long time for us to notice each other!
Here’s a more detailed perspective from each of us:

Faith: Our relationship sort of dropped out of the sky. When I first went on a date with Isaac, I would never have guessed that marriage was just around the corner, although we had known each other for years. In early June, about two months after we began dating, thanks to the Lord’s guidance, I knew I wanted to marry him. Isaac has a steadfast love for the Lord, and he is God’s greatest blessing to me.

Isaac: I started to notice Faith for the first time after we began to talk at various church functions. Some mutual friends of ours thought it would be a great match, so after doing a little investigating (that took a long time according to Faith), I finally asked her out. I was a little surprised by how quickly everything happened, but I knew very quickly that I wanted to marry her! As it turns out, we were the perfect match, and I can't wait for us to spend the rest of our lives together!